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Transparency and Accountability 

We have a government of, by, and for the people. But to maintain this relationship, government must be transparent and accountable so citizens have a level of trust in what it is doing. While Jacksonville Beach has done some great things with our tax dollars, it has not been as effective in letting tax payers know what is being done with those dollars. To keep you informed I will:

  • Continue to inform residents in District 2 what is happening in the City through monthly newsletters, and any addition communications for time-sensitive issues;

  • Insist that the City leverage ICTs (Information Communication Technologies) to better engage residents, and let residents engage with the City in meaningful ways; 

  • Better utilize traditional mediums, such as the Tidings Newsletter in your Beaches Energy bill, to keep those residents who are not online informed about what is happening in the City, how their tax dollars are being used, and how any changes may impact their daily lives.

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